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Magnesium Oxide

2021-07-24 09:55 | products
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Magnesium oxide is a whitish creamy solid that is mostly found in powder form. This oxide is a white    mineral found in metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, but in industry it is formed by heat treatment of magnesium carbonate or magnesium chloride in the presence of air. Magnesium oxide has many applications, among which famous applications include industrial and pharmaceutical applications. At present, after the construction of the first phase of Lamerd Magnesium Oxide Factory, the production capacity of this product reaches 15,000 tons per year

Aluminum ($ per ton): 2,331.00 Copper ($ per ton): 9,415.00 Zinc ($ per ton): 2,842.00 Nickel ($ per ton): 16,063.00 Lead ($ per ton): 2,025.00 Tin ($ per ton): 27,940.00 Cobalt ($ per ton): 49,820.00 Gold ($ per ounce): 1,770.30 Silver ($ per ounce): 25.780 Magnesium ($ per ton): 2000 Magnesium Oxide ($ per ton): 200 Alumina ($ per ton): 610 Mineral rates