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Calcined Dolomite

2021-07-24 09:42 | products
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Calcined Dolomite is CaO calcium oxide and MgO Magnesium Oxide obtained by heating CaCO3 and MgCO3 dolomite ores in horizontal and vertical furnaces

MgO and CaO are formed completely separately from each other and have no solubility in each other and no phase is formed between them

Calcined Dolomite is obtained by heating dolomite at 800 to 1100 ° C for 2 to 4 hours

One of the products of Lamerd Magnesium Oxide Factory is Calcined Dolomite, the production capacity of this product in the first phase of the factory is 50,000 tons per year


Aluminum ($ per ton): 2,331.00 Copper ($ per ton): 9,415.00 Zinc ($ per ton): 2,842.00 Nickel ($ per ton): 16,063.00 Lead ($ per ton): 2,025.00 Tin ($ per ton): 27,940.00 Cobalt ($ per ton): 49,820.00 Gold ($ per ounce): 1,770.30 Silver ($ per ounce): 25.780 Magnesium ($ per ton): 2000 Magnesium Oxide ($ per ton): 200 Alumina ($ per ton): 610 Mineral rates